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RØDE Rockin' Roast
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We love our coffee.

The engineers at RØDE are a passionate group of people dedicated to designing and producing the world's best microphones.

The audio engineering techniques employed at RØDE are highly specialized and demanding. Nowhere else is art and science more skillfully combined than when producing the tools that musicians use in their craft. Fuelling the many late night engineering brainstorming sessions and design deadlines is the magic of great coffee.

To meet this important R&D requirement we source the finest Australian rainforest grown green beans and hand roast them at RØDE HQ.

Tropical North
Queensland beans.

The beans for the RØDE Rockin' Roast are grown in tropical north Queensland at a specialist mountain plantation located on the edge of the world heritage listed Daintree rainforest.

We roast exclusively with these coffee beans, creating a quality single-source product to keep our engineers going throughout the day.

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The Roasting.

Roasting the beans is an exacting process which requires both skill and experience to produce the perfect flavour. As it is roasted, the green coffee beans expand, changing in smell, texture and of course colour; as well as popping in rounds described as the 'first and second crack'. Once the bean has achieved the smell and colour indicative of our preferred roasting profile (we like it full-bodied and dark here at RØDE), it's cooled and then brought straight up to the kitchen at the HQ, ready for an afternoon coffee.

A batch is ready!

Cooling the beans after roasting

RØDE head honcho Peter Freedman helps himself